Superb recap - thank you! And, everyone -- PLEASE take the time to digest Katherine Watt's absolutely mind-blowing post called "American Domestic Bioterrorism Program."

It looks long, but it's actually not -- it has an introduction of about 12 paragraphs, and a conclusion maybe twice that long. Read them!

In between is a rather gobmsackingly enormous chronology of court cases, executive orders, guidance documents for industry and researchers, academic papers, intellectual property patents, regulatory amendments, psychological manipulation programs, geopolitical developments, and other facts that document the complete suspension of our constitution and takeover of our government that has been planned for more than a century and that was finally fully implemented in January of 2020.

Here are some random, out-of-context facts to grab your attention … all thoroughly referenced in this post:

- There is no public health emergency response. Our “vaccine program” is, quite literally, a DOD weapons program. ,

- There is no stopping condition.

- There are no nurses or pharmacists administering experimental products.

- There are no human subjects (of experiments) or patients (of physicians providing treatment) receiving experimental products: no victims.

- There cannot be clinical trial fraud, because there are no clinical investigations, no investigational drugs, no investigators and no human subjects.

- “Just following orders” is an authorized, legal defense. See 42 USC 247d-6d(c)(4). 2005.

- There are no actions that can be legally classified as crimes or civil torts; there are no medical battery or homicide victims, or plaintiffs; and there are no medical batterers or murderers. Because legally, nothing has been done, and no one has done anything, to anyone else.

The recursive loop can be infinite, as covered countermeasures are developed, authorized and deployed, through HHS Secretary EUA declarations, as treatments for complications from prior countermeasures.


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Sorry, I should have put the link at the top of the above post, just below the first paragraph ... Just noting that it's at the bottom. Here it is again:


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For those who prefer video, here is one with both Latypova and Watt. Don't miss it!


(50:30) Sasha Latypova: Discussion with Katherine Watt on American Domestic Bioterrorism Program - https://www.bitchute.com/video/qCEGQhrfqaM1/


And here's another incredible interview with Sasha Latypova:

(58:37) PROOF: DOD Using 100’s of Pharma To Scale Up Mass Genocide Against Americans

https://rumble.com/v1m6rk6-live-7pm-proof-dod-using-100s-of-pharma-to-scale-up-mass-genocide-against-a.html (start at 03:55)

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